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Hasbro's Trading Card Game Generating Magical Earnings

It's been over a week since a quarterly earnings call revealed that Hasbro (HAS) - Get Hasbro Inc. Report subsidiary Wizards of the Coast saw a 15% bump in sales over the last year. The company owns niche hobby IPs like "Dungeons & Dragons" and the "Pokémon" and "Magic: the Gathering" trading card games. Even more impressive than the 15% growth is the fact that, according to Hasbro's CEO Chris Cocks, the majority of that profit comes from one game in particular.

Disney, Amazon Bet Big on Huge New Shows, Movies

The covid lockdown saw film and TV production grind to an abrupt halt back in 2020. While in-person filming was difficult, the circumstances also rocketed streaming services from household convenience to survival tool, making them a more lucrative and competitive product than ever before. Slowly but surely, studios have been able to get the gears of major productions moving again. If there's any proof that the film industry is back to full force, it's last weekend's San Diego Comic Convention -

How often should you get tested for STDs? At-home tests for safety and security

Getting tested for STDs is a necessary part of regular sexual health. But it’s not always easy to get regular appointments with a medical professional. And who really wants their doctor to know how often they’re hooking up with new partners, anyway? Thankfully you can stay safe with a home STD test. With the combined use of barriers, regular testing can help you get it on with confidence and care for everyone you touch junk with.

It's settled: These are the 10 best Settlers of Catan expansion packs

Settlers of Catan is one of the most prolific games for board game fans. It’s easy to learn and downright addictive to play. Players focus on growing their own resources, establishing trade, and fighting off invasion—the game has virtually endless variations on how you can grow your city. But the game is so enjoyable, that you may want to add more facets to the world of Catan. There are several Settlers of Catan expansion packs—and expansions on those expansions!

Kitchen hacks for single living that'll save you time, money and waste

Meal prepping for one is notoriously difficult. Either we’re stuck eating the same thing all week or throwing out food because we couldn’t get to it in time. And on top of that, living alone often means a smaller kitchen space, so there’s less counter and cabinet space to work with. Appliances, foods, and prep tools have to be chosen pragmatically—and juggling your knowledge of every fresh food’s shelf life is a lot to keep up with.

At-home date ideas for when Netflix and chill won't cut it

After more than two years of variations of stay-at-home orders, coming up with the perfect at-home date ideas can seem very difficult. I mean, how do you make your home feel new and exciting? What can you do to build that special mood in an everyday locale? A great at-home date idea is all about perspective. Introducing a few special themes and some fun new items can turn a drab night at home into the ultimate date night. The truth is, your home is one of the most intimate places you’ll ever be.

The best fidget toys for active brains, hands, and feet

Who says fidget toys are just for kids? A great pro to being an adult is finding ways to upscale the things that brought us comfort as kids. These are the toys we wish we had growing up while we were spinning our pens or bouncing the desk of the poor kid sitting in front of us. Fortunately, the internet is now brimming with fidget spinners and do-dads for all ages. You can find mind-soothing jewelry, gadgets, and desk attachments that make is normal– and even kinda fun– to be an avid fidgeter.

Eco-friendly subscription boxes for a happy environment (inside & out)

Choosing an eco-friendly subscription box requires a bit of due diligence. Whether you’re new to going green or just looking to further reduce your carbon footprint, you recognize the value of your purchase doing the most good (or at least minimal harm). But you’re a busy little bee yourself! Let us help you find the best sustainable subscription box to fit your lifestyle, and together we can make the world a better place.

What does eco-friendly mean, exactly?

Transitioning to a green lifestyle can feel like a massive undertaking. What does eco-friendly mean? What is composting and what is biodegradable? How do you tell the difference? And how effective is recycling really? Words like ‘green’ and ‘eco-friendly’ are umbrella terms that can be slapped onto any label. No matter what the label says, it’s good to know how your products are actually affecting the environment.

Christmas home decor for the elegant, the chic, and the geek

Tis the season to start unpacking the Christmas home decor! It’s always nice to add something to the collection of yearly holiday memorabilia, but decorating for style can be a little overwhelming. Fortunately, internet shopping can remove a lot of the overstimulating bits of Christmas decor shopping. Whether you need your twinkly lights or some stockings all hung in a row, we’ve put together all of our favorite pieces to give you a holly, jolly Christmas this year.

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