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Danni is a writer, editor, and on-screen personality based in Austin, TX. Their expertise lies in comic books, popular geek culture, sex positivity, and neurodivergence. 

Thanks to their SEO training, they have learned to write for robots and humans alike. But only recently did they learn how to express enthusiasm in less than 700 words.

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Hasbro's Trading Card Game Generating Magical Earnings

It's been over a week since a quarterly earnings call revealed that Hasbro (HAS) - Get Hasbro Inc. Report subsidiary Wizards of the Coast saw a 15% bump in sales over the last year. The company owns niche hobby IPs like "Dungeons & Dragons" and the "Pokémon" and "Magic: the Gathering" trading card games. Even more impressive than the 15% growth is the fact that, according to Hasbro's CEO Chris Cocks, the majority of that profit comes from one game in particular.

Should Superhero Fans Care About the Oscars?

Should Superhero Fans Care About the Oscars? As the Academy Awards do their best to stay relevant year after year, squeezing superhero films into the ceremony feels pretty cringe. The 2022 Oscars saw the introduction of two fan-favorite categories – and Zach Snyder walked away with both of them. His zombie film Army of the Dead took the fan-favorite film award, while Barry Allen’s hits the Speed Force scored the Oscar’s Cheer Moment for Snyder’s cut of Justice League.

Streaming: Netflix Tests Password Crackdown, Disney+ Adds Parental Controls

Marvel’s edgier properties come to Disney+ with the addition of Parental Controls. Plus, Netflix may be cracking down on account sharing. With raises in pricing, theatrical vs. streaming release, and password sharing, streaming platforms are still a little like the Wild West when it comes to entertainment. Netflix, the mother of all streaming apps, is taking experimental steps to tame the rampant use of password sharing. Meanwhile, Disney+ adds parental controls to its service.

LotR: Elrond Explained – The Half-Elven Sage of Middle Earth

The wisdom of Elrond helped to shape all of Middle Earth. Who is this half-elven leader and where did he come from? Long before he was the Lord of Rivendell, Elrond was the son of two half-Elves whose fates were guided by the light of the magical starlight of a Silmaril. Under the tutelage of Gil-Galad, Elrond chose the way of the Eldarin, and without his long reign in Middle Earth, the age of Man would likely never have come to be.

'The Batman' Spoiler-Free Review – A Detective for the Modern Day

Matt Reeves’ The Batman is an incredibly detailed detective story that folds some real-world ideas into the vigilante’s mythology. There have been so many iterations of Batman on the big screen. And while this version again puts the “dark” in Dark Knight, the story is a perfect combination of refreshing takes and classic comic call-outs. The Batman has a long runtime, but it’s well worth your trip to the theater. Finally, DC fans get a real detective story! The Batman sees our hero using his p

LotR: But They Were All of Them Deceived – The Sauron Breakdown

With fire in his eye, this corporeal can-opener had the bling to keep all of Middle Earth in line. Who is Sauron, the Lord of the Rings? He’s the biggest bad of J.R.R. Tolkien’s infamous Lord of the Rings trilogy, but Sauron the Deceiver has gone by many names. His original name was Mairon, and he impersonated an Elf and went by Annatar, “The Lord of Gifts”. The Sindar Elves called him Gorthaur, meaning “dread abomination”. But his most infamous name was Sauron, the “abhorred”. Sauron was one

Who’s Who: Bisexuality in the DC & Marvel Cinematic Universes

Superhero movies are making space for bisexual heroes of all kinds. And there’s potential for a lot more to join the bi-pride parade. DC & Marvel have been casually introducing bisexual characters into their live-action universes. And for the bisexuals watching at home, it means a lot to us to see heroes we love casually come out. There are a few characters who’ve said on-screen that they’re into multiple genders. And there are a few more who could be basking in bisexual lighting in future prod

'The Batman' is 3 Hours?! It's Time to Bring Back the Intermission

With epic superhero and fantasy films becoming the norm, another 3-hour movie isn’t a surprise. But can we please bring back intermission? As fans prepare for DC’s newest film The Batman to clock in at almost 3 hours, it’s clear that the long movie isn’t going anywhere. In the age of streaming, a long runtime isn’t so bad– but who can sit in a theater for 3 hours without having to pee?

Can 'Buffy' survive Joss Whedon? How to love a problematic fave

A version of this article was originally published at BoLS. When I’m sick or burnt out, it’s only a matter of time before I start a rewatch of a favorite show. This go-round it was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had only just made it to the “Xander’s a hyena” episode when I noticed that Joss Whedon was trending. The director/producer and formerly lauded feminist spoke to Vulture about the numerous allegations against him. His version of events often deflected personal responsibility. It also beli

The best fidget toys for active brains, hands, and feet

Who says fidget toys are just for kids? A great pro to being an adult is finding ways to upscale the things that brought us comfort as kids. These are the toys we wish we had growing up while we were spinning our pens or bouncing the desk of the poor kid sitting in front of us. Fortunately, the internet is now brimming with fidget spinners and do-dads for all ages. You can find mind-soothing jewelry, gadgets, and desk attachments that make is normal– and even kinda fun– to be an avid fidgeter.

How 'Hawkeye' Hit the Bullseye on Kate Bishop's Queer Christmas Story

‘Hawkeye’ paid tribute to many popular holiday movie tropes. But the best Christmas story was Kate Bishop’s queer coming home for Christmas. The first episode of the hit show Hawkeye introduced us to the MCU’s version of Kate Bishop. Played by the incredibly talented Hailee Steinfeld, the Hawkeye protégé was spontaneous, determined, and charming. And from the moment she showed up on screen in that black tuxedo, I knew this was the queer Christmas story I’d been waiting for.

Cosmic Surfer or the Devil: 6 Characters Perfect for Keanu Reeves in the MCU

Will we ever see Keanu Reeves in the MCU? The actor has implied he’d be into it, and fans are, too. But which Marvel character would he play? In a recent interview with Esquire, Keanu Reeves addressed rumors that he was involved in MCU projects. While his response neither confirmed nor denied a casting, fans are delighting at the opportunity to fancast the beloved actor as many of Marvel’s mightiest heroes– and villains.

'Thor: Ragnarok' is Filled With Indigenous Representation and Parallels

Director Taika Waititi gave us an unorthodox hero’s tale with Thor: Ragnarok. But is it also a story of the indigenous experience? The other day I was listening to one of my favorite film podcasts talk about Thor: Ragnarok when the show’s guest said something that made me go “Huh.” Fangirl Jeanne pointed out on the You Are Good podcast that Taika Waititi’s MCU debut is full of parallels to indigenous history. And now I can’t stop thinking about it.
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